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Life goes on...

February 07, 2016 — Michael Schiller


Life goes on, and one day seems to just blend into the next. I guess that's what it's like when you're retired. I think it's worse because I live in Florida, which really doesn't have the four seasons like the rest of country does. Due to the lack of seasons it gets hard to remember when things happened, because I don't have them to use as a reference. When I lived up north, either in NY, TN, or WV, I could remember if it was warm, hot, or cold outside when something happened, so I had some reference point for when something happened. Down here in Florida we really only have 2 or maybe 3 seasons, and they seem to overlap quite a bit. We have the rainy season, the hurricane season, and the hot season!

One thing that has me kind of excited lately is the thought of being a Grandpa. My daughter is doing a great job of being a mother, I'm really proud of how well she's taking care of her daughter, and already planning for her future. When Natasha (my daughter) was young she was into horseback riding, and jumping, and she's got several trophy's too! Now she's planning on taking her daughter riding when she gets older, and training her to ride. She's given many riding lessons to other kids at the barns where she boarded her horses over the years (I say horses, but she only ever had one at a time, but she's had a few different ones through her riding career), so she's really looking forward to being able to give her own daughter lessons, and then riding along with her.


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