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The Vacation continues...

January 02, 2016 — Michael Schiller


Well, my brother's vacation continues, and as a whole I think they're having a good time. They have one more full day left before they start on another adventure, the trip home. They will be going home via Amtrak, so they get on the train in Ft. Lauderdale and take that train to New York where they then get on a 'commuter' train headed for Boston.

I must admit I really enjoyed having them here this year! Both my brother and sister-in-law were able to help me out by doing things for me that I couldn't do myself. First my SIL took apart my old iMac so we could replace the internal HD that had died a while ago. It's amazing the steps involved in getting into the iMacs, you need suction cups, torx screwdrivers, etc. and I think you need to chant some voodoo stuff as well! But she got it done, so now all I have to do is copy over the system from the external drive I've been using on that computer onto the new internal drive, then it will be all set for me to give to my daughter. Then my brother really helped me out moving a filesystem for a Raspberry Pi2 that was on an 8G SD card onto a 16G SD card. It should have been something easy to do, but the SD card was partitioned into 4 separate partitions, some FAT32, some ext4. The problem comes from the fact that MacOSX can't read ext4 filesystems! I knew that my brother would be able to do this without a problem as he always works with Linux systems, but when I handed him the SD Card and watched him insert it into his laptop that's when I noticed it was a Mac-Book! But with some quick thinking, and the help of both VMware & VirtualBox, lots of fast typing, and I suspect some more muttering voodoo incantations I now have my system moved over to the larger SD card. I guess that's why MIT keeps him around, and pays him the big bucks, when it comes to computers, my brother Jeff knows his stuff!


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