Hello....My Name is Mike Schiller and I live in Weston, Florida.

Here's a copy of my OLD online resume!

I used to use Phil Zimmerman's Pretty Good Privacy program, the one that got public key encryption going back in the early 1990's. Now there's an open source version called GnuPG.

Click here to find out about GnuPG for yourself

Here's my GnuPG public key!

Here's my old original PGP public key, it no longer works, but I still have it here just as a comparison between the old keys and the new ones (and the sizes of them)

Here are some pictures shot on 4x5 film in an analog camera!

This link will take you to my brother's homepage! (he works for MIT)

Everyone has a 'Blog' these days, so why should I be different? here's mine!

Send me email!

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